TerraLens UI

Application Framework

Quickly Build and Prototype Beautiful User Interfaces

TerraLens UI™ is an application framework built on the widely-adopted QML markup language and powered by the versatile TerraLens® engine. TerraLens UI comes with a ready-made library of basic controls and allows developers to quickly flesh out, adapt, and re-organize UI layouts by simply changing a few lines of .xml code. With TerraLens UI, your developers can easily lay out complex applications that include maps, live sensor data, and video windows, by simply adapting the included sample applications and layout code.

Accelerate Your Project

TerraLens UI is a powerful application framework that acts as a foundation to allow software developers to quickly deploy beautiful, responsive user interfaces that adapt dynamically to different viewport sizes. The TerraLens UI framework allows operators to quickly and easily add functionality to visualize data from a broad range of sources, and provides full, cross-platform multi-touch support, right out of the box.

The framework leverages the powerful QML markup language, allowing developers to drop in controls and widgets, and adjust the UI layout by simply editing an .xml layout file.

In addition to including the functionality of the TerraLens® engine, TerraLens UI includes a sample implementation of Intercom DDS™ - demonstrating how live data from a variety of video feeds and sensors can be integrated in your application. Since TerraLens is primarily intended for real-time applications, TerraLens UI makes an ideal foundation for applications that need to plot or display real-time, geo-located data.

A Comprehensive Geospatial Application Toolkit

TerraLens UI is delivered as the complete source code for a sample application, and is built on the TerraLens library, providing access to all of its powerful geospatial visualization and map display capabilities. The TerraLens UI framework provides a completely responsive, flexible display that can be modified to accommodate an almost unlimited number of sensor inputs, video feeds, maps, and documents in a single viewport.


  • Complete, streamlined application you can build on
  • Dynamically adapts to viewport size and orientation
  • Includes integrated multi-touch controllers
  • Preview card architecture allows hot-swapping multiple display sources
  • Built with QML for easy UI styling and modifications
  • Includes training and documentation
  • Easily visualize nearly unlimited 2D and 3D viewports
  • Support for unlimited layer overlays for data visualization
  • Cutting-edge HMI / UI framework with multi-touch support
  • Supports over 20 spheroid and over 30 map projections
  • Supports most map data formats and multiple coordinate systems
  • High-performance 3D terrain engine
  • Full source code included
  • Includes sample implementation of DDS data input

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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