TerraLens Mobile

Mobile Geospatial SDK

Deploy High-Performance Apps on Mobile Devices

TerraLens Mobile is a version of the TerraLens geospatial platform developed specifically for rapidly developing and deploying applications with geospatial capabilities on mobile platforms. With TerraLens Mobile, you can quickly develop high-performance geospatial applications for Android® devices.

Deliver Performance in the Field

TerraLens Mobile™ provides powerful capabilities to access, update and transmit information and intelligence between mobile devices and associated Command and Control (C2) management systems.

The SDK also allows for both online and offline operations, maintaining access to full application capabilities and geospatial data in disconnected mode.

TerraLens Mobile has been engineered for optimal performance on a variety of platforms and form factors. It enables deep integration with Android OS, providing access to low-level device functions, including the power system, camera, compass, and GPS.

Optimal Performance for Low-Power Devices

The highly-efficient TerraLens rendering kernel has been engineered with a small footprint and low power requirements, so it can perform exceptionally well on low-power devices, including ARM and OMAP devices. With TerraLens Mobile, you can deploy consistently performant applications - even on low-end hardware.

Accelerate Development and Reduce Project Risk

TerraLens Mobile reduces the risk and complexity of application development by providing a comprehensive SDK that transforms low-level platform graphics into a powerful, full-featured situational display engine.

Developers can leverage a mature, purpose-built API to deliver the features and performance they need, including a comprehensive UI framework optimized for small viewports, and easy access to low level support for multi-touch user input. The TerraLens Mobile SDK has been evolved and tested over years of development, and includes hundreds of powerful features that meet the most exacting operating requirements.


  • Support for ARM and other low-power architectures
  • Native support for features like camera, compass, GPS
  • Support for unlimited layer overlays for data visualization
  • Cutting-edge HMI / UI framework with multi-touch support
  • Highly optimized rendering kernel with small footprint
  • Supports over 20 spheroid and over 30 map projections
  • Supports most map data formats and multiple coordinate systems
  • Consistently high frame rate, even with complex displays
  • Support for custom symbology, ships with MIL-STD-2525B/C

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page.

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