Multi-Domain Control Station

Operate Multiple Unmanned Systems in Multiple Domains

MDCS™ is a multi-domain C2 system developed based on the IRIS UxS architecture to allow operators to manage multiple unmanned systems for multi-domain missions. MDCS is intended as a multi-domain ground control station for army (land-based UGV and UAS), and navy (USV, UUV, and UAS) applications. With the Multi-Domain Control Station, a single operator can manage multiple unmanned systems operating in an integrated mission in multiple domains.

True Multi-Domain Capability

MDCS™, (Multi-Domain Control Station), provides operators with a truly multi-domain display picture based on a deep domain of hard-won experience in developing real-time command and control visualization in single-domain applications for air-defense, air-traffic control, maritime surveillance, and land-based programs for the US Department of Defense.

Leveraging research and development for IRIS UxS™ - a civilian GCS for UAS, the engineering team at Kongsberg Geospatial took on the challenge of creating a multi-domain display that addresses the technical challenges of fusing a wide array of often overlapping tracks from different types of sensors. They also addressed the UX/UI challenge inherent in displaying an easily comprehensible, integrated picture capable of clearly displaying a large number of tracks at a wide range of altitudes and moving at very different speeds – from aircraft at high altitude to small UAS flying at treetop height – to watercraft or Unmanned Underwater Vehicles – or even dismounted first responders traveling on foot.

The result was a military-focused version of the IRIS UxS system, codenamed MDCS. The resulting application is heavily influenced by participation in NATO STANAG 4586 and 4817 standards groups for interoperable and multi-domain control stations.

MDCS collects and fuses data from a wide range of sensors, allowing operators to control multiple autonomous vehicles in a truly multi-domain mission theatre.

Safely Conduct BVLOS Missions in Multiple Domains

The Multi-Domain Control Station system integrates multiple real-time sensor feeds to create a highly accurate battlespace common operating picture and provides real-time calculation of aircraft separation; airspace monitoring alerts; and communications line-of-sight prediction to enable detect-and-avoid for safe Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.

The system isn’t limited to Unmanned Aerial Systems, because MDCS is a multi-domain system which allows the operator to manage a constellation of unmanned systems operating simultaneously in the air, on the surface, and underwater, (depending on the sensors the system is configured with).

The Multi-Domain Control Station can include cloud integration for mission planning, updating and reporting purposes. A cloud-based application provides an easy way to store a mission file - both as a flight data recorder function and for any Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) analysis by the operator.


  • Displays ownship UAS feeds, including telemetry and video
  • Visualize a multi-domain mission space, including UUVs, USVs, and UAS
  • Live track data from ADS-B, Harris NEXTGEN™ and PrecisionHawk LATAS™
  • Integrated with Cloud Cap Piccolo, ArduPilot, PixHawk, Cube and Micropilot autopilots
  • High-performance plotting of up to 10,000 simultaneous tracks
  • High-performance 3D map and terrain engine powered by TerraLens® 9.1
  • Pilot-configurable UI, map styling, and data layers
  • Integrates feeds from cameras, sensors, and web
  • Implements NATO STANAG 4586 and 4817 standards for interoperable Ground Control Stations

MDCS is being proposed for use for multi-domain naval reconnaissance missions by the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Australian Navy, and CANSOFCOM.

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