The TerraLens real-time geospatial SDK powers combat management systems for a wide range of platforms

What do the Combat Management Systems for Missile Destroyers, Frigates, and LCS Ships all have in common? Tracks. Lots and lots of Tracks.

One of the requirements common to Combat Management Systems for a wide variety of warships is the capability to manage tens of thousands of tracks from radar systems and other sensors in real time.

While the actual tactical requirement will vary depending on the role of the particular platform, all Combat Management Systems require the capacity for complete situational awareness in one or more domains within their operating theatre.

In some cases, as with missile destroyers, the emphasis is on controlling the airspace around the ship, while in other cases this may include following surface tracks and even subsurface contacts.

Kongsberg Geospatial’s TerraLens SDK was developed specifically to address the challenge of very quickly updating and displaying large numbers of track objects. One of the challenges developers had to address was the fact that installed hardware on these ships is generally restricted in terms of performance by durability requirements, and is only changed or updated during a refit.

TerraLens systems engineers addressed this with a multithreaded, bare-metal rendering kernel that optimizes performance for low-powered hardware, while scaling gracefully to take advantage of all the available system rendering capability.

The TerraLens real-time SDK powers Combat Management Systems for missile destroyers, frigates, and littoral combat ships in five eyes and allied nations navies.

Build Your Own Real-Time Solution with TerraLens®

Real-Time Geospatial SDK

TerraLens® powers real-time C2 systems and displays in the following defense platforms:

US Navy AEGIS  ·  Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P)  ·  NATO AWACS  ·  TRITON (BAMS) System  ·  US Navy Littoral Combat Ship  ·  THAAD  ·  NASAMS  ·  Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (GATOR)  ·  Radiant  ·  Sentry  ·  AEGIS Ashore  ·  AN/TPS-6x/7x


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