Kongsberg Geospatial has launched a new open community repository for TerraLens developers.

We’ve Created a New Open Community Repository for TerraLens Developers

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Written by TerraLens Engineering Team, Kongsberg Geospatial

The TerraLens© product team at Kongsberg Geospatial is developing an open community code repository for TerraLens developers. Part of the goal in establishing this repository is to improve the customer experience for evaluation and new customers by providing more “out of the box” components to help them to quickly get started developing fully-functional applications.

These components include basic functionality that’s common to most applications, but doesn’t really belong in the core SDK itself – either because they’re tied to a particular operating system or GUI toolkit; or because they include functionality that you typically customize for every application. This includes functionality for input and controls, and drawing tools and capabilities.

While TerraLens is platform-agnostic, an application will inevitably need code to interact with its specific operating system or GUI toolkit. Since most applications require common elements like input controls and UI components, the same code ends up being reproduce many times for different projects.

To make things easier for TerraLens users, Kongsberg Geospatial is publishing a repository of projects to help make it easier to build TerraLens applications. The repository will be published to GitHub to make it easy to access these projects and receive updates. Over time, the TerraLens product team will be expanding these offerings with new open-source project offerings.

The initial projects available through GitHub include the following:

1) TLInput

This is a basic interface for handling input events, (keyboard and mouse), that is not tied to any specific GUI toolkit. This project includes support for a common set of user interactions – including panning, orbiting, and zooming the camera in a 3D TerraLens viewport.

2) TLQt

This is a basic library for wiring up a TerraLens viewport to a Qt widget.

3) TLQml

This is a basic library for wiring up a TerraLens viewport in a QML application.

4) TLDrawing

This is a basic drawing tools library for drawing points, lines, or areas in both 2D and 3D viewports in a TerraLens application.

The TerraLens community repository can be found here: https://github.com/KongsbergGeospatial/terralens-applibscpp


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