TerraLens provides high-performance integration with popular UI toolkits

When delivering modern, cross-platform applications, Qt and QML are often front and center, and TerraLens is ready.

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Written by TerraLens Engineering Team, Kongsberg Geospatial

Geospatial applications are becoming increasingly complex, and not only are they expected to deliver complex functionality in real-time, but in domains where seconds count, an efficient and flexible user interface is more important than ever.

A growing community of software developers are leveraging the Qt framework to create flexible UX experiences that can be iterated over and updated quickly.

Close integration with Qt provides Kongsberg Geospatial's TerraLens® SDK the ability to display interactive mapping and geospatial functionality anywhere you need it within your Qt application.

By directly integrating with Qt’s GPU-based composition, TerraLens provides a high-performance geospatial solution for Qt applications. With QML, applications can use TerraLens like any other component, allowing complex layouts, animation, and interactive UI overlays.

Developers can easily create multiple viewports, (both 2D and 3D are supported), each with their own interactive content. TerraLens will even transparently share map data between viewports to reduce memory usage. Each viewport can be updated independently in real-time, or with a periodic or event-based refresh to ensure your application can deliver powerful geospatial visualization – even on limited hardware.

Applications can even integrate their own visualizations into a geospatial context, render custom georeferenced imagery with OpenGL and then deliver it directly through the GPU in real-time.

Qt applications that don’t use QML aren’t left out either, with equal support for Qt Widgets, all the same powerful features are available to traditional Qt applications.

Ready to deploy, the TerraLens SDK supports Windows and popular Linux distros such as RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu.

If you are developing a Qt application requiring a real-time mapping or geospatial component, you can learn more about TerraLens at the the link below. If you'd like to talk to an engineer with specific questions about implementing map controls in Qt or QML, please contact us.

Build Your Own Real-Time Solution with TerraLens®

Real-Time Geospatial SDK

TerraLens® powers real-time C2 systems and displays in the following defense platforms:

US Navy AEGIS  ·  Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P)  ·  NATO AWACS  ·  TRITON (BAMS) System  ·  US Navy Littoral Combat Ship  ·  THAAD  ·  NASAMS  ·  Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (GATOR)  ·  Radiant  ·  Sentry  ·  AEGIS Ashore  ·  AN/TPS-6x/7x


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