System Integration

Create Fully Integrated Systems for C2 or Sensor Display

Kongsberg Geospatial works with systems integrators and equipment manufacturers to help build fully integrated C2 systems for a variety of platforms. We specialize in integrating data feeds from real-time sensors for visualization on situational awareness and tactical displays, and integrating vehicular data into HUMS displays for vehicle health or piloting displays.

Secondary Integration of Sensors or HUMS Data

Kongsberg Geospatial is a secondary systems integrator with a deep domain of experience integrating RADAR and sensor systems with Command and Control systems with a geospatial component. We have also integrated HUMS data from vehicle components to create operator consoles for a variety of platforms, including Multi-Role Boats and Armored Fighting Vehicles.

We are real-time geospatial specialists, and are a good integration partner for any subsystem that requires plotting real-time sensor data on a map as part of C2 system. We can help at any stage - from designing requirements for sensor components to evaluating vendors and components, to sensor fusion and writing software for sensor data integration. The diagram below shows a typical process for a subsystem integration:

Hardware Systems

While Kongsberg Geospatial specializes in software development, we can help with hardware subsystems for a variety of real-time sensors, including RADAR systems, ADS-B, GPS receivers, LTE broadcast systems and vehicular systems for HUMS data.

Our real strength is in systems integration for geospatial systems. We have a long corporate history in developing displays for real-time systems for air defense, missile defense, and unmanned systems.

If you are trying to develop a system that requires sub-components for real-time sensor display, consider Kongsberg Geospatial as your integration partner.

How We Can Help with Systems Integration

diagram of the TerraLens application ecosystem

Gather and Develop Requirements

Our Engineers can work with your systems engineers to gather and develop requirements for system components.

Evaluate Component Vendors

We can help develop testing procedures for evaluating components against requirements and produce vendor evaluations.

Systems Integration Design

We can work with your systems engineers to develop a design for both the physical and software integration of sub-assemblies.

Software Design

Our software engineers can design software components and help select component libraries for the final C2 application.

Software Development

In addition to designing software components, our development team can develop the software application in whole or in part.

UI / UX Development

Our software development team has a deep domain of expertise in desiging and developing beautiful, effective user interfaces.

Field Proven System Integration Services

Navigational and C2 sub-systems designed and developed by Kongsberg Geospatial are at work on board ships, in ground-control stations, and in fighting vehicles world-wide. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you develop your next geospatial-capable product or C2 display.

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Kongsberg Geospatial is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kongbserg Defense and Aerospace
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