Terralens Creator can be used as to package, style, and provision maps for IRIS UxS.

Provisioning, Styling and Deploying Maps for IRIS UxS

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Written by TerraLens Engineering Team, Kongsberg Geospatial

One of the necessary steps in deploying any kind of navigation system is provisioning and styling maps of the mission area.

Our IRIS UxS airspace situational awareness system for UAS can be deployed with a configured map set for a particular mission area, but some clients prefer to be able to provide and style their own maps – especially if they will be conducting flight missions in a variety of different areas.

Kongsberg Geospatial has created a map packaging, styling, and deployment tool as a companion to the TerraLens SDK, called TerraLens Creator. We have found this to be a useful tool for IRIS UxS as well.

TerraLens Creator allows for custom map styling to be deployed in IRIS UxS. The Creator program reads the individual data sets within the map files for high levels of customization.

TerraLens Creator is able to create styling for 3D maps, through elevation data styling, and for 2D maps, through map subsets (such as forests, borders, city names, and waterways). These customized maps can then be easily exported for use in IRIS UxS.

TerraLens Creator is also able to show styling previews, reducing the time required to test the maps prior to deployment.

Terralens Creator allows you to create multiple looks with the same map data.

In a recent project, TerraLens Creator was used to create custom styling for a series of maps used in IRIS UxS by Skyports, for a series of beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) missions they conducted with the NHS, delivering medical specimens in northern Scotland.

You can learn more about Skyports from a press release we issued recently here, and if you’re interested in their project with the NHS, AUVSI recently hosted a webinar about that project. You can view a recording of that webinar here.


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