In this screenshot, the IRIS UxS application is displaying multiple fused sensor contacts.

Fundamental Sensor Fusion

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Written by TerraLens Engineering Team, Kongsberg Geospatial

IRIS UxS allows users to manually fuse contacts when they know different sensors are reporting the same one.

As an additional behaviour of our IRIS Solution, Kongsberg Geospatial offers a service with two levels of automated correlation/fusion capability. The service subscribes to the incoming data from all sensor systems and analyzes it, then transmits a single data feed to our IRIS UxS user interface for display. The user still has access to all of the elementary feeds if desired but by showing only the “Correlator” feed from this service, they will receive a less cluttered display.

In basic installations where only ADS-B from cooperative aircraft and Telemetry from UAS platforms will be present, we are able to detect essential aircraft properties that match (such as ICAO address) and show only a single instance of the specific duplicated contact on our console.

In more complex installations where disparate sensors will be used that do not have identifiers which can be used for matching (such as if a RADAR for non-cooperative traffic is installed) we employ an algorithm which scrutinizes all incoming geospatial track data properties and compares the values of the 6 degrees of freedom using TerraLens data types to detect if contacts are within configured tolerances.

The system is able to use configurable weight values to determine which of the sensor inputs to display when duplicate reports are discovered (i.e. ADS-B is typically more accurate than RADAR as it is self-reported GPS).


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