In this screenshot, the IRIS UxS application is displaying real-time point-clouds generated by a RADAR sweep.

Visualizing LiDAR and RADAR Point Clouds in Real Time

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Written by TerraLens Engineering Team, Kongsberg Geospatial

The Kongsberg Geospatial IRIS UxS product team was recently tasked to add support for visualizing real-time LiDAR or RADAR point clouds in the IRIS application. The application now supports Detections.

“Detections” are essentially point clouds from sensors such as RADAR or LiDAR. By harnessing the performance and optimizations offered by the TerraLens Core SDK, the developers were able to allow the IRIS UxS application to show many thousands of points represented in 3-Dimensional space and updating at sub-second rates.

These points fade over a configurable amount of time and eventually disappear (typically a small number of seconds), and are then replaced again by the next set of data from the next sensor sweep. The raw sensor data is passed on to automated tracker algorithms to form contacts for display.

This capability supported by IRIS UxS provides users with a way to visualize the deluge of data from these fast-updating sensors, (which do not support intelligent tracking of objects), and gives a better understanding of the 3D landscape as well as approaching entities.

IRIS UxS can also provide this data to outside services for additional processing, and to permit the automated generation of tracks - which can also be represented in the system.

More information about the IRIS UxS application can be found on the IRIS UXS product page.

Additional information about the TerraLens SDK can be found on the product specifications page.


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